Requirement and know-how

All the wines of the estate are made from this unique and emblematic grape variety of the region, the gamay noir au jus blanc The vines are 55/60 years old on average and are traditionally pruned in goblet style, most of them not trellised.

Sustainable viticulture

The work in the vineyards is part of an environmentally friendly approach that preserves the soil and biodiversity. The estate has been awarded the HEV3 label, a recognition of its sustainable viticulture practices. A programme of planting shrubs and hedges is underway around the vines, which are regularly inspected to check the condition of the vines, the soil, the vigour of the plant, the crop cover...

A meticulous work

Some plots are ploughed with a horse. Grape harvest is done manually. Yields are reasonable, averaging 35 to 45 hectolitres per hectare. The harvested grapes are collected in small boxes and then meticulously sorted on a table. Only healthy berries are kept. The bunches are partially or totally destemmed according to the winegrower's choice.

A vinification that limits inputs as much as possible, punctuated by supervised natural processes and subject to constant vigilance at all stages of evolution.